Active Acne

Acne is the most complaint skin condition especially among teenagers. Acne occurs due to increase oil (sebum) production, hormonal changes and proliferation of P. acne (bacteria) in clogged pores. All these factors will result in inflammation and abscess formation within the pores. It is important to treat acne as early as possible as delayed treatment increases the chance of permanent scarring. Treatments for acne varies between each individual depending on the severity.

Lifestyle changes

A healthy lifestyle consists of balance diet, sufficient resting time, good stress management and regular exercise is important in fighting acne.

Facial Revitalisers

It is a new non-surgical thread lift that has a lifting and collagen regeneration effect. It gives an instant lift and the results last for approximately 18 months. It is often used for brow lift, non-surgical face lift with softening of the jawline, nasolabial folds and marionette line.

Oral medication

Isotretinoin: It is an effective medication to treat severe acne that has no respond on other treatment. It reduces skin oil production and so patient may experience dry lips, peeling of skin and increase susceptibility to sunburn. It is contraindicated in pregnant lady and those planning to.

Antibiotics : oral antibiotics may help to reduce bacteria load and fight inflammation. It is used for moderate and severe acne.

Oral contraceptive pills: These pills help to regulate the hormone level in the body and may benefit women and adolescent girls.

Topical medication

Retinoids: it is good at unplugging blocked pores and may help in reducing inflammation. Skin redness and skin peeling are the most common complaint but they tend to settle over time.

Benzoyl peroxide: It helps in killing germs, reduce inflammation and unplug blocked pores. It may cause skin irritation during the initial phase.

Topical sulfur: sulfur reduces skin oiliness and helps slough away dead cells. It also has antimicrobial properties which is effective against P.acne.

Photodynamic laser therapy

The laser beam is able to penetrate the outer skin layer and stimulate collagen regeneration in the deeper layer. This helps in improving skin texture, reducing the pore size and decreases oil gland activity. Besides, it is effective in reducing the load of P.acne bacteria.


How many sessions of laser will I require to treat acne?

It depends on the severity of the acne. However, over a few sessions improvement of your skin condition will be seen.

Is there any downtime for the laser therapy?

No. you can resume your daily activities straight after the laser therapy.

Can I stop taking isotretinoin abruptly?

No. It is advisable for you to take as instructed by your doctor. However, for ladies that are suspected for pregnancy, the medication has to be stop immediately.

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