About AquaShape

AquaShape is an advanced water-jet assisted liposuction and fat transfer technique. The technique safely, simply and gently removes unwanted fat and uses it for body contouring or rejuvenating other parts of the body.

With the help of AquaShape you can get rid of your fat AND you can also use your body’s own fat for rejuvenation or contouring other areas of your body. AquaShape® combines water-jet assisted liposuction, a very gentle technique for removing fat, and an efficient method for harvesting and transfering fat that is very gentle for the fat cells.

Benefit from synergies

The targeted removal of autologous fat (from the stomach, for example) followed by immediate reimplantation (into the breast, for example) enables the body to be extensively and deliberately contoured according to aesthetic standards.


Why AquaShape?

Synergistic effect
– Natural and extensive body contouring using autologous material
– Liposuction itself also contours the body

Natural appearance
– Breasts, buttocks, face or hands appear natural without the use of foreign bodies but instead using your body’s own fatty tissue

– Long-lasting results that are only subject to the body’s own natural laws (such as the natural ageing process)
– No repeat surgery necessary (for example, due to implants that have slipped or been damaged by capsular fibrosis)

Gentle and safe technique
– Protects the surrounding tissue
– Relatively little bruising and swelling
– Treatment can be done under local anaesthetic
– Very little medication required (about 70% less anaesthetic solution than for conventional liposuction techniques)
– Rapid healing

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