Botulinum Toxin (BTA)

Anti-aging effect of the skin

BTA (Botox) not only acts as an anti-wrinkled treatment. It actually helps prevent permanent wrinkle lines from forming in the future. Thus, contrary to popular believe that Botox is only meant for elder age group, it’s is an excellent treatment for even the young.

The Benefits of treatment

Anti-wrinkle Injections are made from a muscle relaxing protein made from a toxin (botulinum toxin type A) produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum; it works by relaxing overactive muscles by temporary freezing of the injected muscles. The versatile prescription medicine has been used for anything from improving frown lines, face reshaping to reducing excessive sweating, and quite frankly needs no further introduction.

How Anti-wrinkle injections works

Anti-wrinkle injections can be injected into the affected area where inappropriate muscle contraction is a problem, usually in a series of microinjections.
The required amount is unique to each patient and not dependent on age, severity of problem, and gender. No amount is standard for any particular injectable area. Although we may always use the same amount to start a new client with, we treat each and every client individually unique.

What to Expect

In general, a response (on small muscles) is expected within 3-5 days. For large muscles, a response is expected within one month. No matter what reason for using BTA (Botox), the effects will wear off in about 2-6 months before the injection needs to be repeated.
Always consult with our medical practitioner before any procedures. Only then can you determine if any procedure is right for you.

How much does it cost?

RM25 per unit or RM1,800 per vial (100units).
The number of units required for same treatment area varies on different individuals as everyone may not have the exact same condition. Typically, a treatment for crows feet ranges from 10 to 18 units (RM250 to RM480). With advance purchase or promotion, the price for the same treatment can be much lower. At times, after a series of continued treatment, you may require lesser amount of BTA (botox) to treat the same condition. Contrary to myths, anti-wrinkle treatments are definitely not expensive and most people can afford to maintain a younger, refreshed look!


Is the treatment painful?

Most patients commented that the pain (if any) is like needle prick. As the procedure is not long, the discomfort is quite minimal. Before you can feel truly uncomfortable, the procedure is completed already!

Is BTA (Botox) Treatment addictive?

There is no residual substance remaining in your body after a week. It does not have any component which can cause physical addiction. You can choose to stop continuing your follow-up treatment at any time without any problem. The only ‘addictive’ reaction you may experience is from wanting to maintain the good results you get previous treatment!

How much does it cost?

RM25 per unit or RM1,800 per vial (100units). Please contact us for more details.