Face Sculpt

About Dimple Creation

Dimple can now be safely and naturally created with just a simple procedure which requires no downtime or pain. A small 5mm incision will be made in the oral mucosa overlaying the site which a dimple is desired. Local anaesthetic is used to provide a painless procedure. The bio-absorbable suture will then be used to create an attachment between the skin and the underlying soft tissues. These suture will be totally absorbed within the month leaving behind fibrosis or an attachment from the skin to the underlying muscle. Thus, when mimicking, a dimple will appear due to the ‘pull’ by the muscle through the fibrosis to the skin. This will result in a naturally looking dimple considering that we are recreating exactly as to how dimples are formed. The procedure takes 20-30 minutes. It is a simple, painless, scarless procedure.

Points to note : it is perfectly okay to recreate dimple on only one side of the face. Naturally, most ‘born with’ dimples are never symmetrical!

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