Fat Transfer and Fillers for Penis

Penile enhancement is performed by choice of 2 methods.

a) A non-permanent Filler. Usually, hyaluronic acid based filler are fillers of choice when it comes to penile enhancement. It will instantaneously increase the girth of the penis. The procedure is relatively comfortable with no down time. The results may last anywhere from 6 months to a year depending on the types of fillers used and also the lifestyle of the patient.

b) Fat transfer. Fat transfer to the penis require a process of extraction of fat from usually the abdominal area. The fat is extracted using waterjet assisted lipo extraction. This is to maintain the viability of fat extracted. Fat extracted will be transplanted to the penis, increasing the girth of the penis. With this method, we can expect results to last more than 5 years.


How much does it cost for non-permanent filler?

Prices starts from RM2,200/treatment

How much does it cost for fat transfer?

Prices starts from RM6,000/treatment