I love public education, and what better industry to be in other than being an educator in the aesthetic industry?

In the aesthetic industry, there are so many myths and false information spreading around. Some of which are even broadcast through supposedly reliable source (eg; TV, Newspapers.. etc). And it is heartbreaking to think that thousands, if not millions are being misinformed on a daily basis!

Throughout my practice, I’ve met so many wonderful people whom are cheated by misinformation. It’s not enough that they are cheated for thousands (sometimes, hundreds of thousands dollars), what’s worse is the irrepairable damage done on their physical appearance and self esteem!

What truly is aesthetic? Is it just a beautification of a person on the outside? In my opinion, aesthetic is the enhancement of ones self esteem, rather than merely physical appearance. After all, everyone perceives beauty differently!

Being a relatively young field of medicine, it has not been easy for healthcare providers to get proper training in the field of Medical Aesthetics. It’s shocking that many at times, aesthetic doctors have been trained/coached by the medical reps who represent certain medical device/pharmaceutical company that supplies the treatment materials.

This poses a bias of treatment options and narrows the options of treatments which the healthcare provider would be able to treat their patients.

My passion in both educating the public and healthcare providers alike without prejudice has spurred me to seek educating myself in the broad field of Aesthetics. I’ve been privileged to have received training all over the world, mainly in Belogna, Italy ; Seoul, Korea and Singapore.