Aesthetic medicine branded as an expensive treatment is definitely an issue to debate about. It really depends on what one is willing to spend to achieve a certain result. Then again, managing expectations is a big concern when it comes to Aesthetic Medicine.

The age of multimedia has set unrealistic expectations amongst many people. More-so, in a country like Malaysia, whereby doctors cannot advertise their services. In countries like Korea and Thailand, advertisements by doctors on the procedures they carry out are permitted, we see a higher level of education and understanding of aesthetic procedures. This in turn translate to better compliance and realistic expectations, with higher patient satisfaction achieved.

Back to the issue of Aesthetic Medicine treatment being expensive, it really isn’t, for the amount of results one may achieve. For example, a simple treatment of crows feet wrinkles ( wrinkles around the corner of the eyes) may cost as little as Rm500 to Rm700 with BTA, of which the results would last at least 4 months. On the contrary, an eye cream that claims to treat the similar condition can cost almost the same but only BTA gives a significantly drastic improvement over the later.

There is a heavy misconception amongst the public that Aesthetic Medicine is expensive. The funny thing is that many of our patients have, at some point in time done Aesthetic Medicine treatment at unauthorised/ unregistered centres, and at times, with untrained personels for exorbitant prices with the promise of unrealistic results. Only to visit us when things turn out not the way they were promised.

More often than not, the damage done is beyond repair and this is heartbreaking for us doctors who are passionate in the field we love for these irresponsible personels have tarnished the reputation of Aesthetic Medicine in Malaysia.

I cannot remember how many times I have heard the same stories over and over again, where my patients were promised unrealistic results for ridiculously priced procedures performed in unauthorised premises by untrained and unregistered personels. It’s only human for us to want to hear only the exaggerated unrealistic results aesthetic medicine can produce. Like I call it, we always want to have sugar fed to our ears! But, sometimes, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

I have high faith in the ethics of many Malaysian doctors practising Aesthetic Medicine in keeping expectations low and realistic, while providing treatments that delivers more then is promised!

Thus, my advice to all would be to visit a doctor which you have faith and comfort with and stick with him/her throughout!Remember, Aesthetic Medicine is an Art. The doctor you are receiving treatment from is an artist performing an art piece with your body as a canvas! You are paying for talent and not a product!!

To summarize, Aesthetic Medicine is affordable to all if performed properly. Otherwise, it’s not even worth a penny!