Stem cells are cells which can differentiate into any types of cells in the. It is unevenly distributed in out body. Stem Cells therapy works by harvesting stem cells from site that are abundant and reintroduce it to sites or areas that require these stem cells for regenerative purpose. Stem cells are selective towards damage area and will target damaged area to stimulate regeneration and decrease the local inflammatory response.


Adipocytes (fat cells) are harvested from selected area by means of a minimal invasive liposuction. The procedure only last about 20-30mins and can be comfortably done under local anaesthetic. However, we do offer sedation to anxious patients.


After harvesting the fat cells, the fat cells would be process to extract only the stem cells. This phase may take up to an hour.


Transplantation method really depends on the site of treatment. It can be via intra-venous, direct application or intra-theca.

The whole treatment would take about 3 hours in total.

Human Stem Cell therapy has the potential to treat all kinds of conditions. Great success has been seen in the field of Neurology, Cardiology, Orthopaedic and Aesthetic. Day by day, more researches has proven it to be very effective in conditions which were previously thought untreatable.


  • Acute Myocardial Infarction (Heart attack)

It is important to treat the condition as early as possible after an event. It is always best to treat when permanent damage or scarring has not been seen yet.

  • Cardiomyopathy (Heart failure)
  • Rheumatic heart diseaseM

Stem cells is effective in cases of autoimmune disorder by decreasing the inflammatory response and encourage local tissue repair. Stem cells is effective in cases of autoimmune disorder by decreasing the inflammatory response and encourage local tissue repair.


  • Acute stroke

In stroke, the lack of blood supply (ischaemic) or increase in pressure (haemorrhagic) result in inflammation of the brain tissue. This in return causes irreversible brain damage. Stem cells act by preventing the inflammation, thus minimising death of the brain tissue. It also helps in stimulating regeneration of brain tissue.

  • Spinal cord injury

It is of paramount importance, to get the best result, stem cells be administered as early as possible after the injury. Stem cells will prevent or minimize the death of damage tissue and promote the healing of damage tissue.


  • Osteo-arthrosis

Stem cells help to decrease the inflammation that is causing the death of cartilage tissues. It also helps promote healing and growth of new cartilage tissue.

  • Rheumatoid arthritis

It is a condition of Autoimmunity whereby the body’s own immune system is causing inflammation which results in the destruction of the cartilage tissue.


  • In the world of beauty, Aging is inevitable. The skin sags, the face lose volume from fat and bony resorption. Stem cells, has been proven to regenerate new collagen fibres and prevent further volume loss and stimulate healing of pre-existing soft tissue. It is a natural way of maintaining youthfulness with little to no side effects!


  • Although the TRUE cause of Autism till date is not known, it is believed that there are localised inflammation in the brain which brings about behavioural and functional impairment. Stem cells have been very promising in the field of Autism.

The list above are just a few examples of what stem cells can treat effectively!

Consult our doctors about your concerns and learn if you could benefit from Stem Cells treatment.


Can I see results after 1 treatment?

Different people require different number to treatments to reach the threshold whereby the inflammatory response to a disease or condition stops and regeneration begins. That is what we call the ‘breaking point’ in which the patient will experience a significant and drastic change in the disease course.

Are there any side effects?

Some patients experience lethargy and weakness immediately after the procedure. However, this symptom will disappear. It happens more commonly when donor stem cells are used.

Any post care for Stem Cell treatment?

Post procedural, patient is strongly advised to wear the compression garment for a minimum duration of 2 weeks at the site of Harvest. Aside from this, there is no other specific care. Patient can resume normal daily life immediately after the treatment

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At The Lifestyle Clinic, we strive to give the HIGHEST quality treatment. We use only the LATEST technology in our stem cell therapy adopting technology from Switzerland, USA and Korea to delivery you high quality viable stem cells.

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